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Acronus Deep Inventory

The Deep Inventory program scans your entire network and collects various information software, hardware devices connected to it, whether running Windows, Linux, Mac, mobile phone, cameras, printers, switches and so on.

The Deep Inventory is an inventory software for network and can be used to audit computers and software inventory and hardware in offices, schools, municipalities, whether small and large enterprise networks.

• Use Windows credentials and Unix (Linux or Mac OS);
• The Deep Inventory is available for languages: English, Portuguese and Spanish;
• Scans the entire network without having to install software on client computers;
• Issues reports of all software (number of licenses) and hardware installed on each computer;
• Reports can be printed or exported to Excel;
• Sends e-mail alerts when windows or some hardware changes, added software or the Hard Disk is almost full;
• We can schedule automatic daily, weekly or monthly scans;
• Several filters (for model, manufacturer, category, software installed or not installed, ...);
• Display hardware category;
• We can centralize all information in a MySQL database from the Internet or the network and thus have the hardware and software data of the various units scattered cities or country.

With Deep Inventory perform all inventory tasks is possible through a single module, without having to install on other computers, only on the server (through the implementation of remote agents by the very Deep Inventory).



Tool to fix client computer without access permission. Run on client PC.

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Use credential
Using Windows credentials and Unix (Mac OS or Linux).
Scanning the network
Sweeps across the network without having to install software on client computers.
Issues reports of all software and hardware installed on each computer.
Display Hardware category.